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The Housing-Market Recession Is Not Over

By Amy Hoak
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why you shouldn’t be overly optimistic about real estate right now

After years of hearing how home prices are plummeting and foreclosures are mounting, consumers want to feel hopeful about the housing market — but maybe they’re being too optimistic.

In a presentation to the National Association of Real Estate Editors in Austin, Texas, last week, Continue reading

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True Veterans Not Phonies

By Bob L.
Wed. June 9, 2010

Tuesday I watched a good program on Public TV and was I impressed with this group they had on as a special, there were four people on there saying they were Veterans who got together, I thought Yaaa right, well after seeing people who miss represent them selves so you will buy their product just to profit, you get to be skeptical, well after watching I was wrong, see for your self, they call them selves 4 Troops, and for what they are doing I do believe they have their heart where it belongs, helping VETERANS.

Today you see so many say that they are veterans, but you check into their back grounds and a lot of them never left the U.S. because of a gold spoon, and then you have some that could not get in but did a lot for our troops, so they could be called a veteran even though they were not on the front lines, but what they did you could say they were on the front lines here at home.

Now you have Veterans that were not on the front lines but were just as much in harms way as if they were on the front lines.

Don’t for get here at home we have others that all so risk their lives every day, SO when it come to these HOLIDAYS don’t for get to honor POLICE and FIRE PERSONAL along with our MILITARY PERSONAL from all branches of military who fight for FREEDOM.

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