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US employment report sparks global recovery fears

By Bob L.
Sun. June 6

Any one who believes the crap that Obama and the Democrats are shoveling, are in it just as much as they are, and need to buy some hip boots.

The real truth is that this country is on the verge of another crash, but they don’t want to admit it because then they would end up with egg on their face and show that they are not qualified to run this
Country, and every time they open their mouth it shows how much they have brought this Country down thinking that they can run every thing.

At this point the Government thinks they own this Country, when if you have not noticed, the Government is the problem in this Country and all our problems, the Government is suppose to enforce the laws of the land, and not make laws for their benefit and big Business.
By Andrew Beatty
Fri Jun 4

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A weaker-than-expected report on US job creation has shown employers are still reluctant to hire new workers, and has heightened fears of a faltering economic recovery.

In figures that fell well short of expectations — sending markets across the world plummeting — the Labor Department said 431,000 posts were created in May, most of them temporary government jobs for this year’s census. Continue reading

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