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Ice cap thaw may awaken Icelandic volcanoes

By Bob L.
Sat. April 17, 2010

This is getting bull shit more and more every day, every time some thing happens in the world now, the first mouth full of shit that comes rolling out is GLOBAL WARMING, CLIMATE CHANGE, if this is going to be so bad then why did the biggest shit peddler BUY a CONDO right down on the water front in California if this going to be that bad, because all these chicken little’s are going to profit if they can scar people in to thinking that the world is come to and end if you don’t believe in what they are saying. (Known as a SCAM)

What is the next thing they are going to blame climate change on, shitting your pants, passing gas, burping, they are blaming animals, well maybe we should go back in time before any one was here during the ice, who do you blame for the disappearance of the ice age, or all these earth quakes that have been from day one, shall we blame all these chicken little’s who were born after the ICE AGE for all earths problems. I know we should blame the schools for not teaching the difference between natural occurrences from a scam.

People did you not learn any thing in science in school, OH I forgot, you are an over educated collage idiot, or you were a school drop out, this is not the problem, it is just that there are to many followers and not enough leaders who can think for them selves, they only follow every SHIT PEDDLERS (BETTER KNOWN AS A SCAMMER) that comes along. Lets look at it this way people get scammed every day because they can’t think for them selves, NO matter how many times they have been told, they still believe the shit peddler. (SCAMMER)
By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent
Fri Apr 16

OSLO (Reuters) – A thaw of Iceland’s ice caps in coming decades caused by climate change may trigger more volcanic eruptions by removing a vast weight and freeing magma from deep below ground, scientists said on Friday.

They said there was no sign that the current eruption from below the Eyjafjallajokull glacier that has paralysed flights over northern Europe was linked to global warming. The glacier is too small and light to affect local geology.

“Our work suggests that eventually there will be either somewhat larger eruptions or more frequent eruptions in Iceland in coming decades,” said Freysteinn Sigmundsson, a vulcanologist at the University of Iceland. Continue reading

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