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U.S. Cities In Free Fall

By Bob L.
April 16, 2010

Here is another case of faults information from our Government who is trying to paint a pretty picture of lies of about how things have turned around, well they turned back , or it just never got started like they want you to believe.


Francesca Levy,
Apr 13th, 2010

Economic indicators in these metros have gone from bad to worse, with no sign of recovery.

Miami boasts a popular South Beach club scene, Art Deco Architecture, and perhaps the best Cuban food in the country. But residents don’t have much else to celebrate.

More than three years after the economy started its downward slide, the Miami metro area, like a handful of Sun Belt cities, still hasn’t begun to recover. Median home prices in Miami have fallen 38% since its market peaked in the second quarter of 2007; the city’s 11% unemployment rate is above the national average and has grown more than most of the 40 cities we surveyed.

Cities in the “Sand States” of Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada, where overbuilding was rampant, are also in trouble, claiming nine of the top 10 spots in our list of cities in free fall. In Las Vegas, Riverside, Calif., and Phoenix, median home prices have fallen 50%, 44% and 37% from their respective peaks. Jobs are vanishing. Though country-wide, employers added 162,00 jobs last month, Riverside gained 13% fewer jobs in February 2010 (the latest numbers available by metro) than it did the same month three years earlier. Tampa, Fla., saw a 10% drop, and Los Angeles added 9% fewer jobs over the same time period. Continue reading

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