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Texas high school’s ultra-pricey stadium

By Bob L. I have [inserted] comments through out this article, Pricey Stadium.
Thur. April 15, 2010

I have all way been against spending more money on NON Educational programs, but it seams that these school districts would rather sink the tax payers money into Black holes that do nothing for Education, they say we have to pay for the best Teachers, well they are not getting what they are paying for, if they were then Education would not be in the condition it is in today. Or could it be that the teachers are sending the children home with home work that should have been taught in class, where if a child had a problem they could have asked the teacher for help, but no they want the child to ask their parents who don’t have time for their kids or their Education.

They want to know why student drop out of school, why don’t they ask the student not some one who thinks they know why, my opinion as a past student, is when you teach the same thing from the Sixth grade to the twelfth grade over and over until you get tired of it, there is know chance to prepare for a future in the work force, not all are going to collage, and now the Government is chasing jobs out of this Country, so what is collage going to teach that will open up jobs for every one coming out after graduating,  there is not enough job for the ones graduating now.

  1. Manufacturing all most gone.
  2. Communication all computerized.
  3. Computer jobs over taught.
  4. Lawyers every corner.
  5. Doctors NO GP s all specialist.

Now what is left, that is the big SIXTY FOUR thousand dollar question, ask the Government.


Rivals High

Dallas Jackson
Rivals High Senior Analyst
April 14, 2010

Just in case you forgot how important high school football is in Texas, the residents of Allen will soon have a $59.6 million stadium that will leave no doubt. Continue reading

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