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Silence! Dems Trying to Bully Employers on ObamaCare’s Job-Killing Impact

Ohio’s 8th Congressional District Blog

Posted by Press Office on March 30, 2010

Washington Democrats want the nation’s employers to think twice about alerting their workers, customers, shareholders, and the public at large to the financial impact of President Obama’s new health care law, whether it’s AT&T ($1 billion), Deere & Co. ($150 million), Caterpillar ($100 million), 3M ($90 million), AK Steel ($31 milllion), and Valero Energy (up to $20 million.)

The White House blog has been used to question the credibility of these statements. A Cabinet secretary called these public disclosures “irresponsible.” House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) wants to hold hearings and issue subpoenas. These scare tactics are not surprising. Last fall, the Obama Administration issued a gag order designed to keep seniors in the dark about ObamaCare’s massive Medicare cuts.

America’s workers have a right to know how this new law will affect them. As do the millions of retirees who may lose their drug benefits. As do the customers who may have to pay higher prices to cover these losses. As do the small businesses who rely on these companies for telecommunications (AT&T), office supplies (3M), gasoline (Valero), and equipment (Caterpillar, John Deere)? These are the very valid questions House Republicans are discussing with their constituents this week while Democrats are attacking companies having a hard enough time trying to survive this recession without Washington getting in the way. Continue reading

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Is the health care fury really about race?

By Bob L.   I was wondering when race was coming.
March 30,2010

Is the health care about race?
Yes it is about race, a race Obama, and the Democrats are in to cram this Government, yes GOVERNMENT health care down every ones throat no matter who you are, and TAX oh I mean FINE every one so they can cover, abortion, and Illegals

But if you really want the truth it is about controlling the American people, if you don’t think so look at the food they are pushing, or what you can eat, and what you are going to cook your food in, if that is not taking control, then what do call it.
Liberal columnist Frank Rich argues that the Tea Party’s anger stems from “losing their country” to minorities — and has little to do with health care reform. Is he right?

THE WEEK Publications,

March 29, 2010

The furious conservative backlash against health care reform has little to do with health care, says New York Times columnist Frank Rich. The “unglued firestorm of homicidal rhetoric” — and worse — is a reaction by the “virtually all white” Tea Party to an ever-less-white America. The grassroots activists would have been angry at any major law our “black president and a female speaker of the House” enacted, Rich argues. Is he right — or is he misplaying the race card? Continue reading

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