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Raines’ Attack on Fox News Off-Base

By Bob L.

I agree that every one see the news in different ways, but they should be telling the news as it comes, not cover it up because of who it is, a good example, why is it that Fox news is the only one that was telling the news as it came out and not cover it up with sports or some other news, and for the papers they buried it on the back pages, that is not telling the people what is happening in our Government cover ups. this gos even to the local news they were not tell the people what was going on until fox started getting viewers to watch to find out what was going on, then the rest did not want to get left behind, or started to go with the Democrats and saying that fox was lying, well that is just like the election they covered Obama more then they did any one else, does that tell you some thing, they were one sided and did not care who else was running, and that still is going on now on this Obamacare.


Former New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines is shocked, shocked that Fox News isn’t tarred and feathered by journalists the nation over for its perceived biases.

How dare Bill O’Reilly and company knock President Barack Obama off-message regarding healthcare reform? Or hold him accountable, for that matter.

Raines took to The Washington Post’s op-ed pages over the weekend to blast the 24-hour news channel for “a campaign [against Obama] without precedent in our modern political history.” Continue reading

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