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Will the Democrats “Self Execute” on Healthcare Reform?

By Bob L.
politician animationWelcome to the NEW United States where the people let the Government become a very corrupt and became DICTATORS, and where they took away the freedoms that Americans once had because the people only listen to people who were only out for their own capital gain, just like this CAP & TAX.

You have these yuppies who went to collage who were brain washed, and now they think that they know it all and most of them no nothing of street smarts or what makes this country great, all they care is how much money will they make, just like one student that they talked to said that if they set a standard on what a doctor could make then she was wasting her time to become a doctor, now does it not sound like that is all today’s society cares about, and not to keep this Country free from a DICTATOR Country, well I have news for you it is days away from it right now if you let this Government pass a very COSTLY bill with out even voting on it, or fining you $500.00 dollars if you don’t fill out your census and sending it in, does this sound like a free Country.

Another thing I don’t like about this census is a question asking, is your race, I am my self white, but I see it this way, when you ask that question I see it as racist, because they are grouping people by race and not as a U.S. citizen, because then they are saying that not all people are created equal, and I believe in the CONSTITUTION.

Newt Gingrich

Last year, the Democrats passed the stimulus bill without reading it.

This year, they are trying to pass the health care bill without voting on it.

Yes, you read that correctly. Continue reading

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