Daily Archives: February 23, 2010

A New Assault on the American Economy

By Dan Holler

Legislative Lowdown: Continuous Gimmickry

As Americans become increasingly skeptical of government, those in power are looking for new ways to describe the same failing policies that are making them unpopular. Repackaging may work for cereals or Hollywood stars, but informed citizens won’t be fooled by such gimmickry when it comes to government spending, taxes, health care and energy policy.

Big Government Stimulus, Again

Last week, President Obama touted the results of his now $862 billion stimulus. He used the failed program’s one-year anniversary to belittle those who opposed it and, at the same time, call for another round of stimulus spending. Despite numerous signs to the contrary, and increasing public anxiety over our nation’s exploding debt, the president and his allies in Congress want to keep spending until they get it right. Continue reading

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