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A Gun to Your Head to Take Obamacare

Reid will back public option if GOP barrier fails

By Bob L.   With out a gun our Enemies could walk right in and take over with out a fight, and today our Enemies are among

A question was brought up what does a gun have to do with this, well lets put it this way, the gun represents what this Administration is doing to the Americans, you take take health care or go to jail,is this the type of health care you want (This is where the gun comes in),  people want affordable health care but they don’t want the Government in it, it would be just like an HMO, there are other ways to get affordable health care (1) stop deregulating every thing because every time they deregulate, companies, they price them selves and others out of business. (2) They dropped antitrust from the insurance companies, but regulated where they can practice, so they don’t have any competition and can charge any thing they want.

Look at it this way if this Country comes under siege what would you do to protect you and your family.

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