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Nancy Pelosi goes on offense

By Bob L.  If its not giving them selves special money to get Democrats  to pass their programs that people don’t want, now they are bribing the Republicans to get on board so they can make it look bad for the them. Obama and the Democrats will do any thing to get this garbage passed knowing that it is going to raise the deficit more, it just shows that they don’t care what happens to this Country.

Hands Shake Clip ArtHandshake Clip ArtDoes any of this sound like they went in to office to protect this Country and the CONSTITUTION, NO, it sounds like I am a DEMOCRAT and you are a REPUBLICAN and vice versa, once they are elected there should be one Governmental body not TWO not THREE, but ONE, and ONE body ONLY.

They were not elected to be two parties, they were elected to protect the CONSTITUTION, and they were elected to serve and keep this country FREE and Prosperous, it is not their Country, it belongs to every Legal American Citizen and any one who becomes legal to stay in this Country, LEGALLY.



Updated: 2/18/10

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is getting her hands dirty.

In a rare rebuke from the speaker, Pelosi is taking direct aim at individual Republicans, hinting at hypocrisy in their opposition to the stimulus package, saying it provided hundreds of thousands of their constituents tax cuts.

Pelosi, in an e-mail from spokesman Nadeam Elshami, pointed out Thursday that the legislation gave 282,000 of Minority Whip Eric Cantor’s constituents tax cuts, in addition to providing tax breaks to Republican Reps. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Scott Garrett of New Jersey and Tom Rooney of Florida. Continue reading

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Reid will back public option if GOP barrier fails

By Bob L. I take it as the Democrats are they will not pass a health care bill if the Republicans are involved. In other words, they are saying,  you are going to take this program whether you want it or not because we have stock in it.
Pistol Outline Clip Art
They are small time DICTATORS trying to get bigger with the help of some ones backers and thugs with a gun to the peoples head, take it or go to jail.

This is why they want to take away your guns so you can not PROTECT your self or Family.
Fri Feb 19

WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he will support allowing the government to sell insurance in competition with private industry if the White House and Democratic leaders push a health care bill with no Republican backing.

Many conservatives and some moderates oppose the so-called public option. It’s in the House bill, but not the Senate version. The White House is trying to reconcile the two bills before Thursday’s bipartisan summit.

Reid’s office said Friday he will work with the White House and Democratic lawmakers to try to craft a public option that can overcome obstacles such as a bill-killing GOP filibuster.

Some congressional Democrats say they doubt the White House would include a public option in the proposal it will unveil Monday.

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