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Obama, black leaders focus on economic hard times

By Bob L. This is the way I see it!
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If all these agitators would go out and get a real job and stop making it hard for any one to get a job, and keep their nose out of every ones business, but that will never happen because they have a double standard and are making sure that they keep race stirred up because if a white says some thing SUE, but if a black says the same thing it is FUNNY, so how can any one have equal rights.

If you were an Employer would you hire any one if you new that you would get sued for firing some one because they could not do the job or they were causing trouble all the time, or showed up when ever they wanted to, knowing that they could sue if they got fired.
I my self would not hire any one unless they really wanted to work and not there because I had to hire them, so take it from there why do some minorities get a job and not others.(It is a matter of a chip.)

If all these Prominent African-American leaders would keep their mouth shut and stop keeping things in an uproar and stop trying to sue companies every time a minority looses a job or can’t get a job then maybe every one will get a job if these companies know they will not get sued every time they turn around.
By BEN FELLER, Associated Press Writer
Wed Feb 10

WASHINGTON – Prominent African-American leaders pressed President Barack Obama on Wednesday to pursue an economic agenda that includes targeted help for blacks, whose unemployment rate is much higher than the national average and nearly twice that of whites. Continue reading

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