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Icy hazards persist through US, deep into South

Arlo & Janis Jan 08, 2010...

By KATE BRUMBACK, Associated Press Writers

ATLANTA – Snow and blustery winds blew into the already-frigid East on Friday and a deep freeze settled into the Deep South, making highways especially hazardous in a region unaccustomed to the chilly temperatures.

Arctic air continued to blanket much of the nation a day after a tractor-trailer jackknifed on a snow-slick Ohio road and hit a van carrying disabled adults, killing four people.

In Atlanta, more accustomed to winter temperatures in the low 50s, a glaze of ice coated roads Friday after light snow overnight melted and froze. Nearly 30 cars piled up in a pre-dawn crash near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Continue reading

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Global Warmists’ Mouths Frozen Shut

Ross Kaminsky By Ross Kaminsky

After the climate hoaxers and extortionists quietly slunk home after their utter failure in Copenhagen, one might have expected a barrage of “the end is nigh” press releases by Al Gore and friends, explaining how the refusal of governments to kneecap their economies will lead to us all being slowly convection baked to death in a never-ending trend of man-made global warming.

But apparently the alarmists have gone into hibernation…perhaps because world-wide record breaking cold would expose errors so great that even the “mainstream” news would have to call them out as full of (much needed) hot air.

As often seems to happen around big “global warming events”, Copenhagen was hit with extremely cold weather during the “climate conference,” including a blizzard on December 17…in a country which hasn’t had a white Christmas since 1995. In a bit of “God must have a sense of humor” irony, the cold weather followed President Obama home, dumping record snowfalls in and around Washington, D.C. two days later. Continue reading

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Memo to Gore – It’s REALLY cold out

Various Cliparts Clip ArtTraffic Light Clip ArtBy Pat Gray
January 8, 2010

Madness, it’s all madness. Watching a report during the break here on another of the global warming hoax problems.

All these, all of the products we are developing now to solve the nonexistent global warming problem cause other kinds of problems like the street lights that are LED, they are not hot enough to melt the snow in the cities where it snows. So sometimes they are shorting out because of the water that seeps in. Or the motorists can’t see through the snow that accumulates on them and they’re accidents are happening. The old lights, the old street, the old stoplights, not street lights but the stoplights, you know, red, yellow and green, they used to melt the snow off of them because they’re hot! They warm up. These don’t. Continue reading

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A Clothing Clearance Where More Than Just the Prices Have Been Slashed

By Bob L.     The way I see it!
Trash Clip ArtTrash Can Clip Art
This show you just how much these companies respect people when they are in need like they are today sense our Government has taken upon them selves to put people out of work to fend for them selves while they give them selves razes behind closed doors.

New York Times
Published: January 5, 2010

In the bitter cold on Monday night, a man and woman picked apart a pyramid of clear trash bags, the discards of the HM clothing store that reigns in blazing plate-glass glory on 34th Street, just east of Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.
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Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times Continue reading

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