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Cities, counties take back corporate tax breaks

By DON BABWIN, Associated Press Writer
Sun Jan 3, 2010

CHICAGO – Cash-strapped communities have a message for corporations that promised jobs in return for tax breaks: A deal’s a deal.

As the recession drags on, municipalities struggling to fix roads, fund schools and pay bills increasingly are rescinding tax abatements to companies that don’t hire enough workers, lay them off or close up shop. At the same time, they’re sharpening new incentive deals, leaving no doubt what is expected of companies and what will happen if they don’t deliver. Continue reading

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Will latest jobs bill really produce jobs?

By Bob L.     The way I see it happening! Cartoon Clipart - Gifs Animation * dinamobomb

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This is going to be the same old Bush program, OOPS Obama program, hurry, hurry, before he loses his Democeats that will pass any thing he wants.

In the mean time just twiddle your fingers until some thing comes along, that is all you can do until this administration allows jobs to come back.
By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer –
Sun Jan 3 2010

WASHINGTON – When the Senate takes up a jobs bill later this month or early in February, the debate will center on whether it really will create jobs and be worth plunging the government tens of billions of dollars further into debt. Continue reading

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