Fox, Time Warner Cable ink temp deal to avoid blackout

By Bob L.    My opinion as I see it!

Here you have so much worry about their bottom line, and then you have the Government afraid they won’t have enough money to blow on them selves, and what do you get for all this, a Country going broke.

You probable wonder what’s the problem, well look at it this way, it takes money to buy, if you don’t have the money you don’t buy so they just keep rising their prices or taxes, what do you get A COUNTRY GOING BROKE, just like the direction we are going right now.

I look at it this way lower taxes, and your prices, make a smaller profit, sell more just like Wal-Mart, but see the problem is if they did that then they would not make million dollar take home, and that leads to companies going bankrupt because not enough is going back into the company to survive, and then you have the Government that is doing the same thing, taking more then they need. ( BY BY OH SWEET COMPANY, WHERE ARE YOU GOING, STAY AND FEED OUR PORK HABIT.)

These companies say they can’t afford to pay a good wage or pay for medical for their employees and their families, but they can pay them selves TEN MILLION DOLLAR a year pay checks and their staff big bucks.

It’s time for 50/50 trade and to BOYCOTT ALL companies that outsource or bring in foreign workers to replace American workers.

By Yinka Adegoke

Read the story here.

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