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ObamaCare: ‘New frontier in pork barrel politics’

By Rowan Scarborough

What was championed by Democrats a year ago as a high-minded endeavor to reform health care has instead descended into a grotesque piece of legislation larded with pork, payoffs, back room deals and huge tax increases, say Republicans and experts on Congress.

“We have former members of Congress in jail and a lobbyist in jail for this sort of behavior,” said David Williams, who has been tracking pork-barrel spending for 15 years for Citizens Against Government Waste. “People are really fed up with it.”

The close-door deal making is just getting revved up. House and Senate leaders will hold private negotiations next month to reconcile their bills. Envious of the deals Democratic senators extracted from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House members are sure to demand their share of pork favors in exchange for floor votes. Continue reading

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Health Legislation Misses the Mark

By James R. Edwards, Jr.

Health reform has devolved into a cesspool. Congress should scrap its ugly bills and start over.

The “solution” doesn’t solve the central challenges facing American health care. The legislation breaks President Obama’s promises. And the process used to legislate makes the old Tammany Hall politicians look like amateurs.

The legislation puts big government, not consumers, patients and doctors, in charge of medicine. It omits market-based approaches that would both contain costs and improve quality. It doesn’t “bend the cost curve,” at least not downward. It won’t curb frivolous lawsuits. It limits insurance plans to a handful of benefit designs, limiting consumer options. Continue reading

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Fox, Time Warner Cable ink temp deal to avoid blackout

By Bob L.    My opinion as I see it!

Here you have so much worry about their bottom line, and then you have the Government afraid they won’t have enough money to blow on them selves, and what do you get for all this, a Country going broke.

You probable wonder what’s the problem, well look at it this way, it takes money to buy, if you don’t have the money you don’t buy so they just keep rising their prices or taxes, what do you get A COUNTRY GOING BROKE, just like the direction we are going right now. Continue reading

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