Fat heads And Meatheads

By Bob L.

Come 2010 elections are you going to do the same thing that you have done every Election year, put in OVER EDUCATED IDIOTS that don’t have an education more then a second grader.

This is short and sweet, you only get out of what you put in, and if you can’t see that that then you are just as stupid as those you put into office, people who lie just to get free medical for life, and perks that you the tax payer will pay until you changes the laws that they put in for them selves, So are you going to throw out every one of these slick willies, scam artists, what ever you want to call them, but all they want is a steady job and free money to add to their millions.

THROW OUT ALL THE BUMS AND DON’T LET THEM HAVE AN OTHER  Government JOB and don’t allow any more of them in, most of them are ones that could not get a any other JOB.

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