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Nelson Caves; McConnell Strategy Fails

Posted By Sean Davis
Saturday, December 19th

It was never about abortion. For Sen. Ben Nelson, a devout appropriator, it was all about the benjamins. In exchange for a “compromise” that forces federal taxpayers to fund abortion, the supposedly pro-life senator from Nebraska will receive a permanent earmark to pay for all future Medicaid increases in his state. In short, taxpayers across America are now on the hook for abortions in New York and Medicaid cost overruns in Nebraska. Somewhere Sen. Landrieu is cursing herself for being such a cheap, early date. Continue reading

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Shorter Ben Nelson: Killing Indian Babies is Fine

Just Don’t Kill White Babies

Posted By Erick Erickson
Sunday, December 20th

Poor Ben Nelson. He went on John King’s show today and told King, “[I]f you think it’s fun having both sides on an issue mad at you when you’re trying to do something in good faith, just think, it’s like going home and getting bit by the family dog. So how — who enjoys that?”

We all know the truth, however. The proof is in the pudding of Ben Nelson’s arrangements with Harry Reid. Continue reading

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Fat heads And Meatheads

By Bob L.

Come 2010 elections are you going to do the same thing that you have done every Election year, put in OVER EDUCATED IDIOTS that don’t have an education more then a second grader.

This is short and sweet, you only get out of what you put in, and if you can’t see that that then you are just as stupid as those you put into office, people who lie just to get free medical for life, and perks that you the tax payer will pay until you changes the laws that they put in for them selves, So are you going to throw out every one of these slick willies, scam artists, what ever you want to call them, but all they want is a steady job and free money to add to their millions.

THROW OUT ALL THE BUMS AND DON’T LET THEM HAVE AN OTHER  Government JOB and don’t allow any more of them in, most of them are ones that could not get a any other JOB.

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Neb.’s Nelson sees backlash on health reform plan

By MARGERY A. BECK, Associated Press Writer – Sun Dec 20

OMAHA, Neb. – It was the concern of Nebraska’s Republican governor over expanded Medicaid costs in the proposed Senate health care overhaul bill that led to a compromise to cover his state’s estimated $45 million share over a decade, U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson said Sunday.

Gov. Dave Heineman “contacted me and he said this is another unfunded federal mandate and it’s going to stress the state budget, and I agreed with him,” said the Nebraska Democrat, who was himself a Nebraska governor in the 1990s. “I said to the leader and others that this is something that has to be fixed. I didn’t participate in the way it was fixed.” Continue reading

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Dennis Hastert keeps perking along

Taxpayer perks for government when they leave office.



U.S. taxpayers are spending more than $40,000 per month on office space, staff, cell phones and a leased SUV for former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, even as he works as a lobbyist for private corporations and foreign governments.

The payments are perfectly legal under a federal law that provides five years of benefits for former speakers — but only if Hastert never makes use of his government-funded perks in the course of his lobbying work. Ethics experts say that sort of separation is hard to maintain. Continue reading

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EPA, USDA push farmers to use coal waste on fields

By RICK CALLAHAN, Associated Press Writer

INDIANAPOLIS – The federal government is encouraging farmers to spread a chalky waste from coal-fired power plants on their fields to loosen and fertilize soil even as it considers regulating coal wastes for the first time.

The material is produced by power plant “scrubbers” that remove acid rain causing sulfur dioxide from plant emissions. A synthetic form of the mineral gypsum, it also contains mercury, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals. Continue reading

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