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U.N. talks stall after African protest over Kyoto

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Rich Nations Poor Nations

How much money do these so called poor nations receive each year from these rich Countries, and much of that money does not get to the people because the rich keep it for them selves, and that has been proven over the years. Look at all these Charities that collect  for these Poor Countries, and you know we have gone over and given them equipment and training to teach them how to farm, we send them food, but their GOVERNMENT and their WEALTHY keep it and only give out what they don’t want, a good example is Mexico look at the wealth of the money they get from OIL, but they pose as poor country.

And is every country Rich and Poor going to tax every one the same, or is it like our one sided trade deal.

By Gerard Wynn and Pete Harrison

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – The main session of U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen stalled on Monday after African nations accused rich countries of trying to kill the existing U.N. Kyoto Protocol.

Talks failed to start as planned at 1030 GMT due to the African protest. The session was to seek ways to end deadlock on core issues, four days before about 110 world leaders aim to agree a new climate deal to limit global warming that scientists say will bring more heatwaves, floods and rising sea levels. Continue reading

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