House Republicans Warn Obama on Copenhagen Accord

by Kenneth Hanner

Several dozen House Republicans have written a letter to President Obama warning him not to commit the United States to an emission reduction protocol at UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Only a treaty ratified by the United States Senate or legislation agreed to by Congress may commit our nation to any mandatory emissions reduction program,” said the letter dated December 4 and signed by House Republican leaders John Boehner (Ohio), Eric Cantor (Va.) and Mike Pence (Ind.) and over 20 other House members.

“We have several concerns with a binding emissions reduction scheme for the United States, including its negative impact on the American economy and specifically for small businesses and the manufacturing and agricultural sectors during these difficult economic times. It is clear that a binding plan agreed to in Copenhagen would cost jobs in the United States,” the letter said.

President Obama will be going to Copenhagen next week after first traveling to Oslo, Norway, to pick up the Nobel Peace Prize.

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