5 Questions For President Obama’s Jobs Speech

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By Dan Kotman on December 8, 2009

After his “jobs summit” last week that shut out business groups like the National Federation of Independent Business and the Chamber of Commerce, President Obama is set to announce a new jobs program in a speech today in Washington.

His “new” proposals center around more investment in infrastructure and providing rebates for making homes more energy efficient.

If President Obama continues to ignore the needs of job creators while at the same time pushing for job-killing energy tax and health care legislation, this “new” plan will be nothing more than a continuation of the same policies that haven’t been working to create jobs and economic growth.

To that end, we have five questions that the president should answer in today’s speech.

1.    Will your new plan differ at all from the original $787 billion stimulus plan or is it more of the same?

2.     Are the solutions offered in the new plan temporary or are they long term solutions for sustained economic growth?

3.    Do the proposed solutions put more power in the hands of politicians to spend money or do they empower individual Americans to decide how their own money should be spent?

4.    Will your plan help for small businesses create jobs or is it designed for the government to create new jobs?

5.     How is an energy tax or health care reform a job creator?

For a three step plan for real job creation, check out our Jobs Here, Jobs Now, Jobs First plan.

UPDATE:  Here’s the full text of President Obama’s remarks.

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