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Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture

By Bob L.

You talk about chemicals used in fields to protect crops from bugs and disease being hazardous, how about other things you eat, did you ever think about all the chemicals they feed to animals that you eat, it all go s back to the Government, what they want and what they require.

Now go back to the article before this one.

Have you ever noticed any thing the Government is involved in comes back to haunt you health wise like all  ecol i warnings,  they have no idea what is safe or not, they just think it sounds good looks good so it safe. Look at the tomato scare and it was not tomatoes, that they were covering up because they did not want to cause any waves with other Countries, and the U.S. was being blamed for it, and what it cost to this Country from it when it was Mexico all along.


Tue Dec 29

FRANKENSTEIN, Mo. – The mystery started the day farmer Russ Kremer got between a jealous boar and a sow in heat.

The boar gored Kremer in the knee with a razor-sharp tusk. The burly pig farmer shrugged it off, figuring: “You pour the blood out of your boot and go on.”

But Kremer’s red-hot leg ballooned to double its size. A strep infection spread, threatening his life and baffling doctors. Two months of multiple antibiotics did virtually nothing. Continue reading

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Disinfectants Cause Some Bacteria to Adapt, Thrive

By Bob L.

This article is one of my biggest complaints I have had for a few years, being that drugs are used for any thing, from a stubbed toe to a major diseases with no re guard for the people on what it does to the immune system over time.

A few years back they were pushing every one to use disinfectant soap until they found out that it was not helping any thing but bacteria survive.

It is not that the bacteria is getting stronger , it is that immune systems are getting weaker do to over uses of drugs that are on the market to day, they have so many side effects that they just give another drug for that side effect, and the next thing you know you are on five to ten drugs feeding the drug companies.
LiveScience Staff
Mon Dec 28

To keep sickness at bay, many of us constantly wash hands and disinfect surfaces. But a new lab study shows one pesky bacterium eats cleansers for breakfast: When disinfectant was applied to lab cultures of the bacteria, they adapted to survive not only the disinfectant but also a common antibiotic. Continue reading

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Recess Leadership

Jed Babbin By Jed Babbin

Today the Senate will drop its huge lump of coal in our Christmas stockings by passing Harry Reid’s version of the Obamacare bill. And when it’s done, its members can join the already-recessed House for their much-anticipated if not well-earned Christmas vacation.

Congressional recesses, especially the Christmas break, were short vacations from politics until Bill Clinton invented the never-ending campaign. And Barack Obama has made the Clinton method a thousand times worse. In the “crisis for sale” environment Obama created, there is never a respite. Continue reading

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Democrats will say any thing to blame some one else

Ann Coulter By Ann Coulter

Irritated at the bumps on the road to the Democrats’ Thousand-Year Reich, liberals are now claiming that Republican Sen. Tom Coburn requested a prayer for the death of Sen. Bob Byrd during the health care debate last Saturday night.

Here is what Coburn actually said: “What the American people ought to pray is that somebody can’t make the vote tonight. That’s what they ought to pray.” <—-<—-

After reporting Coburn’s remark, The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank added: “It was difficult to escape the conclusion that Coburn was referring to the 92-year-old, wheelchair-bound Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.V.).” Continue reading

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Senate OKs health care measure, reaching milestone

By Bob L.

This is what we will be seeing from now on if they get the final bill passed after the New Year, unless some one can come with a way to prove that they have broken the law to do it, right now there is an investigation into bribery.

Think back when the Democrats had all these names for the tea parties goers and now by another Democrat, well lets say it in one word Terrorists out to destroy this Country,

[ Senator Whitehouse specifically said, “They are desperate to break this president. They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of President Barack Obama. The birthers, the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups, it is unbearable to them that President Barack Obama should exist.]

These are segments from the story and the way I see it, or you can read the whole story HERE

Both bills would extend health insurance to more than 30 million more Americans, (that will be free to those who are not LEGAL CITIZENS, and don’t pay for it.)

So did Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., the longest-serving House member and a champion of universal health care his entire career, (is he going to take the insurance, no just like the rest of them they have free Cadillac plans.)

The Congressional Budget Office predicts the bill will reduce deficits by $130 billion over the next 10 years, an estimate that assumes lawmakers carry through on hundreds of billions of dollars in planned cuts to insurance companies and doctors, hospitals and others who treat Medicare patients.

“Not even Ebenezer Scrooge himself could devise a scheme as cruel and greedy as Democrats’ government takeover of health care,” the Ohio Republican said in a statement.

“Senator Reid’s health care bill increases premiums for families and small businesses, raises taxes during a recession, cuts seniors’ Medicare benefits, adds to our skyrocketing debt, and puts bureaucrats in charge of decisions that should be made by patients and doctors,” he said. “The bill also authorizes taxpayer-funded abortions, violating long-standing federal policy. It’s no coincidence that the more the American people learn about this monstrosity, the more they oppose it.

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Two Escapes delay Ohio-bound flight in Houston

Wed Dec 23

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Passengers on a Continental Airlines flight couldn’t believe it when they saw an otter scurry from the plane’s cargo hold and onto the tarmac at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. The daring escape by a pair of otters delayed the Ohio-bound flight for about an hour Tuesday night.

One passenger said that most on board thought the delay was a joke at first. But another said they watched one of the otters scurry across the tarmac.

Airport workers managed to catch the otters and return them to their cages and the flight took off for Columbus.

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Woman arrested in Hawaii for threat to first lady

Wed Dec 23

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. authorities arrested and charged a woman in Hawaii last week for allegedly threatening to kill President Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, days before the Obamas were due to arrive in the state for the Christmas holiday.

Kristy Lee Roshia was arrested on December 19 in Kaneohe, Hawaii, by the U.S. Secret Service after determining she had made the threat and had information about where the Obama family would be staying during their visit, according to court documents filed this week.

She was charged with making the threat against the first lady and assaulting a Secret Service agent after she was arrested.

A federal judge on Wednesday postponed a detention hearing for Roshia until a mental competency exam is conducted and she will remain in custody until then, according to court records.

The threat was originally made on November 10 during a telephone call to the Secret Service office in Boston and she also threatened to kill a Secret Service agent and Marines during the conversation, the documents said.

Agents determined that Roshia was living near a Marine Corps base in Hawaii based on correspondence she had sent to the Boston office that arrived the previous day.

During an interview with agents on December 19, Roshia said she had gone to Hawaii in September to “protect Obama,” had been to the location where the presidential family would be staying and was working at the golf course at the Marine base, a Secret Service affidavit said.

After Roshia was placed under arrest, she assaulted the Secret Service agent and claimed she would “blow away the whole Oval Office,” the affidavit said.

Roshia began contacting the Secret Service in 2004 and from 2007 made numerous angry calls to the Boston office, sometimes five to 10 times a day, the affidavit said.

The Obama family is expected to leave for Honolulu, Hawaii on Thursday morning after the U.S. Senate votes on his top legislative priority, overhauling the U.S. healthcare system.

(Reporting by Jeremy Pelofsky, editing by David Alexander and Sandra Maler)

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Do You Know How Radical Kevin Jennings Is?

David Limbaugh By David Limbaugh

I’m wondering whether there’s anyone out there with the guts to pretend that it’s insignificant that President Barack Obama keeps appointing radical after radical to his czar positions. Can anyone honestly say Obama’s appointments don’t tell us a great deal about Obama himself — as if we needed any further proof he is a left-wing extremist?

I don’t need to make a list of his radical appointees and detail proof of their extremism. Anyone paying attention knows it’s irrefutably true that this has become a deliberate pattern. Statistically, Obama couldn’t accidentally appoint this many radicals in two political lifetimes. Is he rubbing these people in our faces or just surrounding himself with like-minded soul mates — or both? Continue reading

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Nelson Caves; McConnell Strategy Fails

Posted By Sean Davis
Saturday, December 19th

It was never about abortion. For Sen. Ben Nelson, a devout appropriator, it was all about the benjamins. In exchange for a “compromise” that forces federal taxpayers to fund abortion, the supposedly pro-life senator from Nebraska will receive a permanent earmark to pay for all future Medicaid increases in his state. In short, taxpayers across America are now on the hook for abortions in New York and Medicaid cost overruns in Nebraska. Somewhere Sen. Landrieu is cursing herself for being such a cheap, early date. Continue reading

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Shorter Ben Nelson: Killing Indian Babies is Fine

Just Don’t Kill White Babies

Posted By Erick Erickson
Sunday, December 20th

Poor Ben Nelson. He went on John King’s show today and told King, “[I]f you think it’s fun having both sides on an issue mad at you when you’re trying to do something in good faith, just think, it’s like going home and getting bit by the family dog. So how — who enjoys that?”

We all know the truth, however. The proof is in the pudding of Ben Nelson’s arrangements with Harry Reid. Continue reading

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