Minority or an American

By Bob L.
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man reading paper animationThere is no such thing as a minority, you are either the RICH class or you are the POOR class, if you are here LEGALLY, that is a one hundred percent American citizen and not some one that is brought here just to be a wage buster, then you are an American and deserve to work in the UNITED STATES.

Lets get to the real point, who would you work for, a person who went to a fancy school and came out as a stupid idiot, and who does not know the first thing about the job that they are trying to get, OR would you want to work for some one that started at the bottom in the ditch, not the gravy jobs, but the back breaker work that they will over see later, for a minimum or FIVE to TEN years, and then go to school and learn the rest of the job.Like one person said is that people to day come looking for a job and want the CEO position for an eight hour day and only work four hours, or they don’t want the job unless it is the CEO position.

This is the problem to day in this Country, any one running these companies does not know what work is, they were pampered and do not know the real value of a dollar, if they did back breaking work to earn that dollar, they would under stand why a goods days work is a good dollar earned.

These people that go from high school to collage do not what a dollar is because they did not have to work for it, it was given to them, so they get out of collage, they get that big dollar job and don’t know the first thing about it other then it pays good, and they don’t have any idea what the workers go through, the ones that make their million dollar salaries, they don’t care as long as that sliver spoon stays in their mouth.

When it starts cutting in to their pay check they start laying off, they don’t care about these people, all they know is the it is cutting in to their bonuses, perks, and pay check.

Our Government agencies are a good example of the silver spoon elite, they think that they know what the American worker is going through, but they don’t have any idea, if they did they would listen to the American people.

AND PEOPLE THERE IS NOTHING FREE WITH OUT STRINGS ATTACHED, so don’t think the Government is going to give you any thing free, wait for tax time when they want Cash for Clunkers, stimulus, will be paided back at tax time as income, don’t worry only you will be required to pay it back, they will play around with the ones that got bailed out so they won’t have to pay it back, if they do, you will ever see it, remember they are the wealthy, they don’t have to pay their fair share of taxes, they have big loop holes, and write off s that the American people don’t have.

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