Death With Dignity and Death with NO Say!

By Bob L.
 people Animation _ dinamobomb
Death Clip ArtI made a comment on an article about ABORTION BEING put in the health bill, I got to thinking about what happens if you don’t have DEATH WITH DIGNITY put in the bill to where a terminally ill person has THE RIGHT to die by other means, I know that it is not nice to kill but what are they doing to babies, here is my comment:

What is going on in this Country, you want to kill babies, you want to kill Grandma, but you won’t pass a law that will let a Terminally Ill Person die with dignity, and that same thing go s for a person who kills, you say he does not deserve the death penalty, you give THEM DIGNITY, what did he do to the person he killed, HE SENTENCED THEM TO DEATH WITH OUT DIGNITY.

There is some thing definitely wrong in this Country.

If you want Abortion in the bill then you need to put Death With Dignity in there as well, at least a Person Who is Terminally Ill has a say, a baby cannot speak for him self.

Now who get to pay the bills after the person dies, well let us start with who is going to profit by keeping a person alive until they finally die.

1. Lets say the nursing home:

  • Bill for services rendered, and that covers drugs, food, room, therapy and care, Doctors call.
  1. 2. The Doctor:
  • Office Calls.
  1. 3. The pharmaceutical companies:
  • All the drugs they are on.
  1. 4. Then you cannot for get the Government:
  • TAXES will says it all.
  1. 5. . Last, we can’t for get the hospital:
  • Emergency room services, drugs, Doctors, testing, hospital room, Doctors visits, drugs.

Ok we now have some of that taken care of, we now start with WHO PAYS THE BILL, or should I leave that open for question? Don’t scratch your head or heinie to hard because you are not going to a movie, because the Government will stick you with the full bill.

If you pass a bill to let a person DIE WITH DIGNITY a person will not suffer until they die, that in the long run will save the Family money and hard ship, and every year families are going broke having to pay these outrageous bill and court costs if it go s before a Judge.

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