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The Great British Climate Fraud

animationsIs this going to prove finally that this whole thing is nothing but a MONEY ploy by big BUSINESS and the Governments.

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James Delingpole

By James Delingpole

It has been described as the “greatest scientific scandal of the modern age.” The story broke last Thursday when a person unknown — some say it was a hacker, others an inside-leak job — broke into the servers at Britain’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia and published at least 61megabytes of confidential data on a Russian website. Continue reading

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These Boots Are Made for Talking

Boots Shoes Clothing Clip ArtJacob SullumBy Jacob Sullum
According to a report from a shoe store in Campbellsville, Kentucky, the Army Corps of Engineers “created or saved” nine jobs when it used money allocated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to buy nine pairs of work boots. The Wall Street Journal reports that the store’s owner, frustrated by the government’s confusing online forms, enlisted the help of his 42-year-old daughter, who figured nine — the number of people who would use the boots on the job — made as much sense as any other answer. Continue reading

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An Unhealthy Government Track Record

Bag Of Money Clip ArtRobert H. Knight By Robert H. Knight

The U.S. Senate is now trying to speed-read the 2,074 pages of the health care takeover bill after 60 senators voted to proceed on Nov. 21. It only took an insertion of $300 million to buy wavering Sen. Mary Landrieu’s vote in what some call the second “Louisiana Purchase.”

Majority Leader Harry Reid is boasting that the whole thing could be done before Christmas. If that is so, then Americans will find an enormous lump of coal in their stockings, big enough to change America forever.

President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi tell us in reassuring tones that if we just gulp down their socialized medicine, health care will be simpler, more efficient, cost less and lower the federal deficit. They stop just short of claiming the plan will cure baldness and let us shed weight by eating more cheeseburgers. Continue reading

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