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State tax push makes U.S. firms wary of adding jobs

By Bob L.
Federal, State, City, County, no matter how you do it, say it, collect it, it comes down to the same thing, Bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of Business, loss of jobs, and loss of taxes to keep this Country from going Bankrupt.
Until the Governments stop their GREED, and stop spending money that does not belong to them and start bringing BUSINESSES back to this Country, and lowering taxes to all and stop lining their pockets, this Country is in for a big crash again, and mite not recover this time.
By Carey Gillam

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (Reuters) – Dave Huston’s Kansas-based plastics company is down to 34 employees from 63 a year ago. With the U.S. recession starting to retreat, he would like to add back workers but will likely buy new equipment instead.

The reason? With Kansas joining the ranks of U.S. states scrambling to shore up a near-insolvent unemployment insurance fund, Huston’s business is facing an almost certain rise in state payroll taxes in 2010. Continue reading

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