Could this be a Bad Climate Choices

Clipart by – My Opinion By Bob L
Aircraft1 Clipart Lets get real if you are going to go after climate change people, if you are going to do it, do it right, don’t stop on the ground (look up) go every where even the WHITE HOUSE.

Climate change is getting to be nothing but political and not the truth, it is for profit only because no one has studied all aspects of global warming, if they had, you would not see some causes ignored.

1. Where is the study of air craft on the cause of ?
2. Where is the study of what large amounts of wind generators will do to? (fact: they use large fans to keep crops from freezing ) [Farmers without wind machines can turn to helicopters, which also push warm air down toward the earth.Eighty percent of citrus farmers use wind machines to warm their groves.]
3. Where is the study of what large amounts of solar panels will do?

I have a good idea why not go in these big cities and plant these turbines and line them up on each streets like trees, then you won’t have to run all those wires way out from nowhere.

If you trust Governments you are forgetting what they are doing to you now, so remember,FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION, an if they are taking an action and not thinking about a reaction then it is hard to say what the final out come to the world will be. People to day are smarter then Governments, then you have followers who believe any thing that they told or hear.

What if?

Now think about what if, this could be the total destruction of the world if it is only for profit and not global warming.

Now they are trying all these scare tactic to get people to push for climate change, but it seams that the ones pushing the hardest are the ones who will profit the most.

Wind farms have sprung up all over the United States, most notably in California. Wind farms are huge arrays of wind turbines set in areas of favorable wind production. The great number of interconnected wind turbines is necessary in order to produce enough electricity to meet the needs of a sizable population. Currently, 17,000 wind turbines on wind farms owned by several wind energy companies produce 3.7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to meet the energy needs of 500,000 homes.

Look at these pictures and think, what will the reaction of this be on climate change? Remember I said earlier that they use fans to keep crops from freezing, is that not one thing that they are saying that the ice is melting, what will these wind farms do to save the planet, and TWO things FISHING and SHIPPING?

Wind Turbines: Threat of climate change should be treated like war say engineers

Offshore wind farm off Danish coast

Nice day where is the fog, and a loss of radar?

Small-scale wind power in Marshall County, Indiana Blue Mountains

Above a lot of beautiful land that will never be usable, do you see any homes around them, and what is the adverse affect in 10 or 20 years on the planet when you need the land for homes and farm land, if they keep bring people in to this Country some thing has to go, electricity or farms for food.

Getty Climate change debate is hotting up Obama?s hands tied by senators

How much heat will this produce to the earth, the fact is that dark colors absorb heat and that is what they are talking about warming. Sure this is a military base, how about your back yard, same with a wind farm.

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