Obama faces daunting challenges in Far East tour

Clipart by Clker.com – My Opinion By Bob L
Aircraft1 Clipart Lets get real if you are going to go after climate change people, if you are going to do it, do it right, don’t stop on the ground (look up) go every where even the WHITE HOUSE.

Here is  a situation where he is not a President, he is nothing but a spoiled rich jet setter who has probable cost the American people, I would say about, well getting close to a trillion dollars, with all the time he spends with all though planes that go just for him to travel, instead of the White House where he belongs, saving money, he would rather be up there polluting the air then taking care of the problems here, I don’t think he is qualified to be President of the UNITED STATES, if this is what he wanted then that is where he should be, not jet setting.



By MARK S. SMITH, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has left Washington on his first major trip to Asia, where a surging China and newly assertive Japan are threatening to upend America’s longtime role as keeper of the peace and trader-in-chief.

Obama already is the most traveled first-year president ever. His Asian journey will add four countries to the 16 he’s already visited. He’s traveling first to Japan, then to Singapore, China and South Korea. The eight-day trip will highlight a dramatically changing continent.

Obama left a day later than originally planned. His schedule was scrambled by Tuesday’s memorial service in Texas for the shooting victims at Fort Hood.

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