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Obama to encourage federal hiring of veterans

American-Eagle-and-Flag--C10055018 By Bob L : NEWS AS I SEE IT!

If Obama keeps adding people to the Government payroll, where is he coming up with all this money with so many unemployed and with no tax money coming in to pay for what is going out now, sure they need jobs to but how many unemployed need jobs too.

And there is another thing that Obama is so blind in, he is not a businessman, if he was he would know that to pay a wage you have to produce a product to sell, which the Government does not, their payroll comes in off the backs of the American worker, I guess that is why they go to collage to prove how stupid and lazy they are, because they can’t get a working mans job and keep it, this is probably why they are taking jobs away from the works, because it shows how lazy and stupid they are.


WASHINGTON – The White House is launching a program it says will turn the government into the model employer of military veterans. Continue reading

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