One World Government Part 2

American-Eagle-and-Flag--C10055018 By Bob L : NEWS AS I SEE IT!

Lets start with an Open letter to president Obama

In this world each nation should have their own Government, just think what will happen if Obama signs this pact in December, what do you think is going to happen, the world bank will have their way, they have been trying to do for it many years and now they are going to finally get their way, big corporations will have control of the farms and food distribution, they will say who will work, they will say who will get health care, but to show you what the Governments and the courts will do for you, check out this VIDEO on how the Government and the courts will not protect the farmers and what you are going to pay for food, IF they let you have it. Learn how Governments are saying who and how much food you will get.

In the next video, I don’t think he could put it any plainer, or get any one to see it for what this Government really is, and why this administration is trying to discredit FOX NEWS.

Who really controls America.

Now you look at what is happening now with the banks, health care, social security, and any thing that the US taxpayer is paying into, if you have not noticed but more and more of our taxes are going to Foreign Countries, a good example what happen to the south when Hurricane Katrina went through, how long did it take our Government to step up to the plate and start helping, how many people died because of little or no help.

Has any other Country stepped up in a disaster like the U.S. does when another country has a disaster, one Canadian came out with a song a few years back about it. Now is this the way we treat American citizens who support more people around the world then their own, NO, just because a lot of them were black, is that any reason to take your time to respond, NO, they are American CITIZENS TO.

Did you hear the black leaders step up to help them like they do when some one makes a so called discrimination complaint, I saw more whites in there trying to do some thing even thought it was for publicity, but they were there trying to do some thing. The Government let companies in with out setting ground rules so the people got it a second time I should say a third time because Government got them a first and second time then came the companies who went in for a fast buck.

NOW when a disaster happens any where in the world it is America to the rescue and instant money and help. From now on it should be America First.

And to finish off is to show you that Obama back in 2006 what he was for then and when he got to be President, an how he closed off places to where we can drill to get away from depending on foreign oil, then what does he do, he gives some millions to Brazil to drill for oil off their coast.

And what has he done sense he became President, not what he was saying in 2006 before he ran for President.
BARACK OBAMA take back America in 2006

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