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Obama to lift HIV/AIDS travel ban

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With lifting a ban on sick people coming here, will this not be open to putting more people on the free health plan for the sick who are not Citizens of the U.S., or is this a plan to brake the U.S. and to make it a one world Government.

When this Country was being formed, did they not send the sick back home, and not let them settle in this Country to keep them from spreading more sickness because they could not afford to take care of them.
CNN Politics
October 30, 2009

Washington (CNN) — President Obama announced Friday that he will lift a 22-year-old ban on entry into the United States for people infected with HIV/AIDS. Continue reading

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Dozens of House members scrutinized, report shows

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By LARRY MARGASAK, Associated Press :  Oct,30,09

WASHINGTON – Dozens of lawmakers have drawn scrutiny from their ethics monitor this year for everything from financial dealings to travel and campaign donations, according to a leaked account showing an active House panel secretly at work.Seven of the lawmakers — four not previously known — serve on a defense appropriations subcommittee that divvies up money for Pentagon contractors.Most of the names and investigative subjects, mentioned in a summary of the ethics committee’s work last July, were known. But the summary — obtained by The Washington Post — shows the widespread scope of preliminary reviews and investigations the panel can have before it at any one time. Continue reading
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