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Three states may sue FedEx for labor violations

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Have these states done any thing about the teamsters union FORCING and CHARGING independents outrages union dues just to work and with out any union benefits, other then allowing them to work, now that is where they should be doing some thing about work ethics.

By Jonathan Stempel – Tue Oct 20

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Three U.S. states said on Tuesday they plan to sue FedEx Corp, accusing the second-largest U.S. package delivery company of violating labor laws by illegally classifying drivers as independent contractors rather than employees to save money. Continue reading

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Dems eye insurance industry’s antitrust protection

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By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent

WASHINGTON – Top Senate Democrats intend to try to strip the health insurance industry of its exemption from federal antitrust laws as part of the debate over health care, according to congressional officials, the latest evidence of a deepening struggle over President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

If enacted, the switch would mean greater federal regulation for an industry that recently has stepped up its criticism of portions of a health care bill moving toward the Senate floor. Continue reading

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