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Senators, AP want more government info made public


By LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama‘s new standards of openness in the federal government have not trickled down to some of its agencies, where officials have used special statutes inserted into bills to skirt the Freedom of Information Act, open government advocates said Wednesday Continue reading

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The left aims for critics’ jugular

American-Eagle-and-Flag--C10055018 By Bob L : NEWS AS I SEE IT!

This is starting to sound like our Government does not want the truth to come out about what Obama care is all about, or is it that he is lying to the American people again just like the people who died because they lost their health insurance witch is a lie, two cases have all ready have shown that he lied.



Liberal allies of President Barack Obama aren’t just getting mad at conservative attacks on his agenda. They are getting even in a way calculated to hit conservatives where it counts: their pockets. Continue reading

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State to mom: Stop baby-sitting neighbors’ kids

American-Eagle-and-Flag--C10055018 By Bob L : NEWS AS I SEE IT!

Here is another case of big Government trying to tell Americans how to run their lives, if this keeps going on this Country we will no longer be free.

This is another step to becoming a dictator Country.


By JAMES PRICHARD, Associated Press Writer Tue Sep 29

IRVING TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Each day before the school bus comes to pick up the neighborhood’s children, Lisa Snyder did a favor for three of her fellow moms, welcoming their children into her home for about an hour before they left for school. Continue reading

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