Mr. President


model_toys_Weserhutte_W180_drag_line.summ By Bob L: News As I See It


Mr. Obama, if you were born in America like you say, then why do you Call your Self African?

I my self am a fended as well as any American born in this great country by people who put another Country in front of AMERICA, if you want to say you are from a Country other then America that is fine but if you put it in front of America then go back to that COUNTRY you say you are from, because you have know alliance to protect America that you say you love, all you want to do is tare this country apart and change our CONSTITUTION.

Mr. Obama, Why are you afraid to start a full investigation for corruption in Government and the White House, you say it is not as important as other things going on. Other things going on involve money, well they are taking taxpayer money under faults pretext, and when Government won’t call for a full investigation then that means that the Government is just as guilty as the ones that are pulling the fraud.

Mr. Obama, you have raised you hand THREE TIMES and SWORE that you would HONOR and PROTECT the CONSTITUTION and now you have turned your back on it and AMERICA, I think IMPEACHMENT should be started because he is risking American lives at home and abroad, and dereliction of his office, and using others to do the job that he was elected to do.

  1. Refusing to start a full investigation of possible corruption of Government, and private organizations.
  2. Trying to tell state Governments who is going to run for office.
  3. Use of taxpayer money for family vacations as business.

[They’re asking him to step aside because of fears he’ll hurt their chances in 2010, but Paterson has refused.

Obama aides insist the president isn’t interfering with New York politics. Before Obama landed, spokesman Robert Gibbs wouldn’t answer directly when asked whether the president ordered that word be sent to Paterson that he does not want him to seek re-election.]

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