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Tea Party Express

Chuck Norris

By Chuck Norris


Sept. 12 was an amazing day, as thousands marched on Washington seeking to unite Americans and make a stand against tyranny and oppression. At the same time, the Tea Party Express escorted a number of patriots to the U.S. Capitol to culminate its cross-country rallies.

But what’s next? I have an idea. Continue reading

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Mr. President


model_toys_Weserhutte_W180_drag_line.summ By Bob L: News As I See It


Mr. Obama, if you were born in America like you say, then why do you Call your Self African?

I my self am a fended as well as any American born in this great country by people who put another Country in front of AMERICA, if you want to say you are from a Country other then America that is fine but if you put it in front of America then go back to that COUNTRY you say you are from, because you have know alliance to protect America that you say you love, all you want to do is tare this country apart and change our CONSTITUTION. Continue reading

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