What If Leads to Greed or is it Greed Leads to What If


model_toys_Weserhutte_W180_drag_line.summ By Bob L: News As I See It


We can’t blame this all on Obama he is doing what he is told to do, but he needs to slow down and think, hast makes waste, and there is a lot of that from him and Bush.

But I am getting a little tired of Bush did it, it is racist, or the news media has caused it all. Lets just say he does not know what he is doing, it looks like he is letting some one else do his job because he is never there to know what is going on, he is more interested in that plane.

This whole thing starts with the Government, like one said, we don’t care about the Constitution even though we swore to protect it, it’s up to the courts to say if it Constitutional or not.

    1. Greed: that leads to why we will never stop runaway Government.

The Government want more control over Americans, so they raise taxes to pay for what they think helps Americans, but it is for them selves to make a profit off PORK, and investments they made from laws they pass for special interest.

    2.: Companies: they want more money so they can give them selves more pay and bigger bonuses.

They are just like the American worker they want higher wages to live like the other fat cats, to pay taxes they say, and buy clothes, and food.

    3. Unions: that is easy, they have become their own company.

If you have not noticed, they will protect any one that will pay dews, they don’t care if you are here legally or not, are they not behind the Government in making all these illegal s citizens no questions asked, and are they not trying to force people into a union by open ballet with the help of the Government.

Don’t get me wrong I think some unions are for the working people, but some are for them selves and want to control the people just like the Government is trying to do today, and to have control of your life.

    4. American worker: have you ever heard the old saying, they make more then I do, I think I should get paid more then them.

One year Washington State past a law called comparable worth, office workers thought they should get the same pay as a lineman who works around electricity all day, they thought their job was more dangerous.

Now lets get to WHAT IF.

WHAT IF you got up tomorrow and found out you did not have a job, what would you do, well that is what the FARMERS found out because of a little fish.

I thought farmers were to grow food to put on the table, but right now they are living on food just like thousands are today to feed their families where food is brought in to them instead of them supplying it for the people who need it, if this continues, there will no longer be farms to grow food in this country, it will be sold to developers for homes.

WHAT IF you went to the store and found out that all your food was imported (and Government said they want to get away from foreign dependence) and over priced because American farmers could no longer grow food.

WHAT IF you got your electric, water, and heating bill and found out that you could not afford to pay it.

See there is one big problem, every thing I have said is true or will be in the future and if people don’t see it we are in trouble.

WHAT IF is here now, every thing is starting to come apart, and what the President and his czars and every one in DC don’t realize is that their kids are going to pay the price just like the rest of American, no matter how much you teach our kids it will be the same in their time as it is right now they will be looking for jobs, unless jobs are brought back to this country and they stop kissing special interest on the ass, because FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION, and that shows every time Government bends over for special interest, California farmers are a good example of this right now, and how many jobs are being stopped because of special interest groups.

Like one said by shutting off the water is an act of domestic terror, it is bad enough we have foreign terrorists, now we are getting it from our own Government too, I was going to say what next, then I thought about cap & trade, or tax & tax, that is all the Government knows, for every tax increase there is a job lost and a company gone.

Every country needs jobs to make trade to work, but if only one country is making every thing no one will have money to buy.


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