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Is America Returning to a Pre-9/11 Mentality?

Chuck Norris

By Chuck Norris


For better or worse, we have new Washington leadership and a new direction for America.It’s a softer and relational Washington, with whom international bonds are more important than national borders and boundaries. It’s a more secular Washington, which says that the country is no longer a “Christian nation.” It’s a more liberal Washington; it has enacted more left-leaning legislation in its first year than any previous administration. … Continue reading
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Welcome to Our Town. Wish We Weren’t Here.

This is tipical of our Government, tell one town that it is not safe to live there, see this is a town that us to be a lead town, well the Government went in and bought them out, see unhealthy but just walk to the edge of town and you cross the State line, but that town is safe to live in, well read the artical just to see what our Government thinks of Americans. Is this how they will treat Americans on insurance, and tax and trade.

Treece Journal
Published: September 13, 2009

TREECE, Kan. — Mayor Bill Blunk sees no reason for sugar-coating his opinion when asked to describe this town. Continue reading

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