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Obama extends Cuba embargo 1 year


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has extended the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba for one year, the White House said in a statement released on Monday.

The extension was expected and has been the practice of all U.S. presidents dating to the 1970s under a section of the so-called “Trading With the Enemy Act.”

Obama extended the embargo even though he has made reaching … Continue reading

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Eastern Europe not feeling the love from Obama

By WILLIAM J. KOLE, Associated Press Writer

Associated Press Writers Karel Janicek in Prague, Alison Mutler in Bucharest, Romania, and Ryan Lucas and Monika Scislowska in Warsaw, Poland, contributed to this report.

Czechs feel betrayed, Poles irked, Romanians slighted. Ask them who’s to blame, and the answer may come as a surprise: President Barack Obama.

George W. Bush fawned over Eastern Europe, … Continue reading

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Bin Laden calls Obama ‘powerless’ in Afghan war

By MAAMOUN YOUSSEF, Associated Press Writer – Mon Sep 14

CAIRO – Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden described President Barack Obama as “powerless” to stop the war in Afghanistan and threatened to step up guerrilla warfare there in a new audiotape released to mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States.

In the 11-minute tape, addressed to the American people, … Continue reading

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Obama touts Wall St. changes on Lehman anniversary

By BEN FELLER, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – President Barack Obama sternly warned Wall Street Monday against returning to the sort of reckless and unchecked behavior that threatened the nation with a second Great Depression.

Even as he noted the U.S. economy and financial system were pulling out of a downward spiral, Obama warned financial titans on the first anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse that they could not count … Continue reading

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Economy still troubles most Americans

By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – One year after Wall Street teetered on the brink of collapse, seven out of 10 Americans lack confidence the federal government has taken safeguards to prevent another financial industry meltdown, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

Even more — 80 percent — rate the condition of the economy as poor and a majority worry about their own ability to make ends meet. The pessimistic outlook sets the stage for President Barack Obama as he attempts … Continue reading

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