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Obama: I’ve every reason to get health care right

Lets get this right, Obama says he will be held responsible for any problems on the health care, this is bull shit, every time some thing comes up ( he leaves it up to his czars to handle it) HE IS RUNNING AROUND the world BURNING UP TAX PAYERS MONEY, I don’t think he knows that he is the US President, and where his responsibilities  lie, and they are  NOT IN THAT PLANE.

Every time you turn around he has HIS ass in that PLANE with his FAMILY, he spends more time in that plane going from state to state, when his job that he was ELECTED to, is Washington DC, NOT IN THAT PLANE.

I still think the American people should have a special election and throw every one of them bums … Continue reading

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Heckling of president is rare in American history

Good god all mighty this is a free Country and the guy has a right to express him self no matter who he is, tell them to get their assess back to work and stop trying to sell this country to the highest bidder, and stop trying to jam thing down our throats that won’t work.
By JOCELYN NOVECK, AP National Writer – Fri Sep 11

Some 150 years ago, a congressman from South Carolina, angered by a speech on slavery, entered the Senate chamber and beat a senator from Massachusetts into unconsciousness with a metal-topped wooden cane.

Years earlier on the House floor, … Continue reading

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Blue Dog Predictions

Michelle Oddis

By Michelle Oddis

The 52 House “Blue Dog” Democrats got an earful from constituents over the August recess (at least those who had the courage to hold town hall meetings did).  Now they’re back.  And whether they like it or not, they hold the deciding votes on most of the president’s agenda.

What everyone wants to know is will Blue Dogs bow to White House and leadership pressure and vote for any bill that House Speaker … Continue reading

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Obama’s Big Gamble

Connie Hair

By Connie Hair

If you were expecting something new from President Obama’s speech last night, disappointment abounds.  After over six months of hawking nationalized health care, a day of televised interviews broadcast from the White House on a major broadcast network, prime time news conferences, over two dozen speeches around the country and now an address to a joint session of Congress, is it possible that the President actually thinks the American people don’t understand that Democrats want the government to run our health care system?

The President said last night he supports … Continue reading

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