Beware of Discount Plans

Buyer beware

By Bob L

America How many of you are thinking of having dental work done but don’t have the money?

These programs look good but they are very misleading to what a discount really is, well how many of you remember the sale price quote,  jack up the price then put it on sale at all most at the same as the original price, or mark it up 15% drop it 20%, …well in this case, it is start at the original cash price, then raise … it 5% or more, that is your discount.

If you are looking into these dental discount programs, check with your dentist first, my wife and I needed dental work done, (no insurance and living on disability) so we did some checking around to find a program to help with our dental costs and we found programs that are suppose to help you  by giving you a discount with dentist who work with these discount programs, well CHECK WITH YOUR DENTIST FIRST if you are paying cash, or you mite be paying more by going to these discount programs.

We found out that the program we went to, their discount was more then the Dentist charged, example, exam $47.00, program $2.00 more $49.00, and on, lets shoot right to the top dentures Dentist $750.00 per denture, $1,500.00, top and bottom, discount program, $1,000.00 per denture, $2,000.00, for top and bottom, where is there a discount, CHECK WITH YOUR DENTIST FIRST if you are paying cash, because some have cash discounts. They will take one or the other but not both, that is way you need to talk to the Dentist office first and get their prices, then when you call and talk to someone about their Discount Plan you can ask them what their discount is for what you need done and compare them to the Dentist prices that you have. This may not be true with all Dental Plans, and you need to check them out and the Dentist. When you talk to someone about the Dental Plan make sure you have the name of the Dentist Office you talk to.

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