No Religious theory of evolution in Public Schools

By Bob L.

My belief is, if you want religion GO TO CHURCH, DON’T teach it in school, a morning thought is fine if you want to, not prayer, AND don’t force it on any one. Every one believes in their own way, leave them alone and don’t force your religion on any one else.

Is this the education you want your children to learn, don’t they get all this in church on Sunday. Children should be taught …reading, writing, arithmetic, US History and a vocation in school, not theory of god and religion, that was been taken out of schools under church and state, so how can theory of evolution be taught in school, it is just another field of religion under a different name.

In what I have read I see nothing more then another form of religion like atheist, Catholics, Mormon, or any other religion, to me they think their religion is better and should be taught in school. Also these are nothing more then their beliefs. Read these excerpts from Darwins theory below and see if you don’t think it is all how it is interpreted, WHAT DO YOU THINK, any way it should not be taught in schools if religion has been taken out of schools.

You can continue reading and it leads to the same thing just another religion.

[For those who are religious / spiritual, I think Albert Einstein expresses the enlightened view of God. He writes ‘I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.’ This harmony arises from a Wave Structure of Matter in Space (we are all interconnected in this space that we all commonly experience). This unity of reality (God, Brahman, Tao, Spirit, Energy, Light, Vibration) is central to all major world religions, thus their common moral foundation of ‘Do unto others as to thyself’ as the other is part of the self.]

[Please help our world (human society / life on earth) by sharing this knowledge.

Clearly our world is in great trouble due to human overpopulation and the resultant destruction of Nature, climate change and the pollution of air, land and water. The best solution to these problems is to found our societies on truth and reality rather than past myths and customs (which invariably cause harm).]

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