You Want Common Since

7/22/09:   By Bob L

You mite not like this guy, but what he says is coming true today, see if you don’t agree Check it out HERE.

The real common since is looking at the problem and going after it and stopping it before it can get passed, and that is the problem to day no one wants to call them selves Americans, they are more proud of where they came from then to worry about this COUNTRY and where it is going, they for get why they came here, it seams they all say for freedom,  well if they don’t start standing up for that freedom they better go back to where they came from, or their fore fathers came from.

One thing this country will never see again … is lower prices that go s for health care, food products, and insurance, as long as company exes. keep taking the profits and putting them in their pockets, these companies will never really be profitable, and they will never be affordable, until they start putting that money back in to the company, not in their POCKETS. It is not the people at the top that make the companies money, it is the people who make their products to sell, but who rakes in the pay, DOES ANY ONE KNOW, it is surely not at the bottom, you know that looks like where Obama and the Governments wants us to, BROKE, and under their thumb. One foot in the poor house and the other in their programs, so we keep their pockets lined.

Every year companies keep raising prices to pay for their high cost of living, that same thing go s for our under educated Governments, they say they can’t live on what they make, but yet they expect the people who pay their wages work on minimum wage with no cost of living, no free medical, free transportation, and we can’t for get about all their houses they own, and come to think about it, I think their houses are in the range of ONE MILLION DOLLARS or very close to that. (and how many homes do they own world wide) You know they tell us that is why we are in this mess because we bought homes we could not afford, that is what they tell us that is why they need a pay raise because the can’t afford to live in DC because the price to live there is to high. Well like they tell us you are living beyond your means, same for them.

When it all comes down to it every thing leads back to our Governments, they think money grows on trees, but the problem is the trees are small to medium businesses, and mid to low income workers that I would say pay about 75% of the taxes, because they don’t have all the loop holes to slide through, like big corporations.

The big corporations are the ones that can pack up and move out of this country, Well my feelings are, if any company out side of the United States, if they want to do business in this country they should pay the same taxes that the companies operating here do, I don’t mean offices here, I mean to sell or do work here, with no loop holes to slide through.

When I lived in Washington that is how some of the cities  solved  their problems with companies from out side the city limits, you want to sell or maintain equipment, they had to get a city business license, and pay taxes, that way they stayed, that same thing should go for all businesses out side the U.S.A., the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, If You Want To Play You Got To PAY, 50/50 not 70/30.

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