The little Red Wagon!

Don’t blame the retirees, put the blame where it belongs, the GOVERNMENT.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, this reminds me of a story about a little boy who wanted a little red wagon but did not have enough money, so one day he went in and took some money from his parents and told him self, they won’t miss it, so he went out and bought that little red wagon he just had to have, he thought this is fun and I got my little red wagon and my parents did not miss a thing.

Well one day his parents went out to pay some bills with the money they had saved so they would not have to take it out of their pay checks and pay a penalty for being late, ( see, some pay checks don’t always come on a set day )well they got to where they were going to pay that bill, but when they pulled out that money they were short and could not figure were it went to, they blamed each other as they were walking out for taking that money not thinking that their son took it, because he got a good allowance, so why would he take it.

So now what are we going to do, we have to pay that bill and we don’t have the money, now we are going to be charged a late fee.

Well does that sound familiar, well look at it this way, the PEOPLE are the [government] you put the money you collect away to pay your bills when they come due each month, the

[government] is the little BOY, have you got the picture yet.

The Government like the little boy won’t admit that they took the money for that little red wagon, so they tell you that it is going broke, they don’t have the money, well on top of that they have put so many out of work, so there is no one to pay the taxes.

Every once in a while some one lets out that the Government keeps taking money out of it to buy that little red wagon, so they leave an IOU in there and never pay it back, so the moral to the story is don’t blame the retiree, blame the government and the people who get it and who do not paid in to it. A good example Government, judges, ( remember the judge here a couple years back bragging about getting full social security and never paying not one dime into it,) that is another place where it go s, well that is all you have to do is hold a public office and collect, no matter how much you make in retirement, or other income above what the American worker will get.

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