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The little Red Wagon!

Don’t blame the retirees, put the blame where it belongs, the GOVERNMENT.

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, this reminds me of a story about a little boy who wanted a little red wagon but did not have enough money, so one day he went in and took some money from his parents and told him self, they won’t miss it, so he went out and bought that little red wagon he just had to have, he thought this is fun and I got my little red wagon and my parents did not miss a thing. Continue reading

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Proud to be an American

Are you PROUD to be an American, or are you one of those who want LAWS to be written just for you, well if you read the US CONSTITUTION you will see that there are laws that are written for you and every one else, well it seams that there are people to day that think that this true, that there should be laws just for them that every one else has to honor.

I was hurt and upset to see that some one could reply and say that an article I posted I was exaggerating when I state that a “foreigner” has Continue reading

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