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PROMISES, PROMISES: Gays bemoan go-slow approach

What makes them better then any other American, Obama has made so many promises, ( better known as political lies to get the job ).

Politicians will do and say any thing know matter how big the lie, they don’t care about the United States or the citizens that they are to protect. They should be held to what they say and do, same as if they broke the law, in a way they are braking the law, because they swore they would protect and honor the CONSTITUTION and laws of the UNITED STATES of America, which none of them are doing.


Fri Jun 26: By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is taking heat from some gays and lesbians for not fulfilling campaign pledges. He’s also taking their cash.

Gay rights activists have complained that Obama has not followed through on his promises to repeal a law banning their open service in the military, to do away with a federal marriage law or to champion their causes from the White House. During his first five months, he’s taken incremental steps that have little real effect and left some people feeling betrayed. Continue reading

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Handful of Democrats hold key to climate bill

Boy if you believe what Obama and the the people who are going to gain on this, you are dumber then the ones that are telling you that it will only cost you a few penance, if pasted this will be the biggest scam pulled on the American people, because they follow and believe smooth talkers.

You don’t want to believe what people who are watching this every day, and I think that is because the American people don’t want any one to know just how dumb they really are.


By H. JOSEF HEBERT and DINA CAPPIELLO, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON – A handful of undecided Democrats hold the key to whether the House will confront global warming and begin a shift away from fossil fuels to cleaner sources of energy.

House Democratic leaders were scrambling to round up additional votes to pass the climate legislation Friday before lawmakers depart for a weeklong July 4 holiday recess. Continue reading

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