Obama Truth Or Lies, What Do You Thing

If the American people can’t see what happening by now you are going to get a rude awakening, very shortly.
ABC infomercial is a diversion!
It’s the way the Obama administration works — forget about how you get it done, just get it done. Since support is fading for Cap & Trade, as it’s essentially one of the biggest tax increases in history, the administration and the media are making a big deal (and rightfully so) out of the ABC infomercial happening 6/24. While you are enraged about that, Cap n Trade slips in through the back door, unnoticed and unharmed. Watch for Glenn to shine the spotlight on this issue for the rest of the week on radio and at 5pm on the Fox News Channel.

Common Sense Congressman
Freshman Congressman Jason Chaffetz from Utah is one of the few common sense people in the halls of Congress right now. One of the bills he’s proposing would save taxpayers millions, and it’s a great idea. Instead of hiring thousands of people to conduct the census, why not use another program that already has employees visiting houses each and every day — the United States Postal Service. A common sense idea that makes so much sense it will certainly be shot down by Congress. Listen to Glenn’s conversation with the Congressman. ( Transcript ).
Obama is lying to you
One way or another, he’s lying right to your face. In the press conference yesterday, the President said no one predicted the economy would tank. That’s his excuse for the lack of results on the stimulus — that it just wasn’t big enough. Only problem with this line of thinking is that President Obama is the same exact President who told the American people that America ‘might not make it’ if the stimulus bill doesn’t pass. Glenn sure thinks ‘America might not make it’ would only be something one says if they think the economy is really, really bad–listen to the full quote from ‘The One’ here. ( Transcript ).
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