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Every patriotic American needs to stand up now and take America back from President Obama, say Dick Morris and Eileen McGann — before he fully implements his frighteningly radical political agenda. That socialist agenda, they reveal, threatens our liberty, endangers our livelihood, and jeopardizes our very safety and security. They explain why in Catastrophe: How Obama, Congress, and the Special Interests are Transforming… A Downturn into a Crash, a Recession into a Depression, and a Disaster into a CATASTROPHE…And How to Stop Them.

Dick Morris has seen politics and Presidents up close for decades: he was Bill Clinton’s political consultant for twenty years, and is now a regular political commentator on Fox News and author of six New York Times bestsellers. In his latest blockbuster, Morris and his longtime collaborator Eileen McGann reveal the ugly hard-Left goals of the Obama administration and its henchmen in Congress and special interest groups. They fearlessly take on a barrage of hot-button pocketbook issues — from oil prices, real estate, and the faltering state of the economy to the ongoing corruption in Washington.

Morris and McGann examine the full damaging agenda of the Leftist ideologue in the White House, examining his war on prosperity, his ill-starred bank bailout, and the looming disasters of his mortgage plan and his nationalization of the health care industry. Even more ominously, they reveal Obama’s blueprint for political domination, and his recklessly naïve signals that the War on Terror is over. Naïve — or worse: Morris and McGann also reveal that Obama’s Administration has already sent aid to the murderous jihad terrorist group Hamas, which has celebrated bloodthirsty attacks on Israeli civilians.

But Morris and McGann don’t blame Obama alone for the coming catastrophe: the Far Left Congress of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid comes in for its fair share of the blame as well. Morris and McGann trace how Chris Dodd and Charlie Rangel morphed from idealistic reformers to privileged insiders, and how Ted Kennedy, Jr., the Senator’s son, makes skillful use of his illustrious name. They also tear the cover off the shadowy world of stealth lobbyists: the former Congressional leaders who secretly influence federal policies and spending.

Special interests come in for special scrutiny in Catastrophe. Morris and McGann explain how our banks and investment firms are opening the door to Muslim extremist domination; how airlines imprison you on the runway; the silent catastrophe of post-traumatic stress disorder in our military; and why college is so expensive these days. Most outrageous of all, they give the details of the appalling goof of Bill Clinton that has cost the American people sixty billion dollars!

Can Obama cash in on class resentments in the United States that mirror European politics? Is the American Dream dead? The answer is a decisive NO! The dream is far from dead. But this book is a call to action: we need to attack Barack Obama’s socialist agenda in ways big and small. At the end of each chapter, Morris and McGann offer specific actions that can help us regain our country.

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