Do you agree???

By Bob L  What I have seen this happening for 58 years, I am now 65.

When you were growing up, do you remember when you could go out in the summer and get a job, working in a gas station, pick berries, or lets say, work on farms and in the fields, be a box person in a grocery store to earn money for school, and have spending money.

Can you remember why kids can no longer get a summer job, and now only illegals can have those jobs, because they can’t get the blacks any more as slaves so the illegals are now the slaves, or the kids and the family to make some extra money, or get vegetables and berries for canning. Today how many know how to can products for the winter, or fix a meal from scratch.

Well it was a special interest group that did not think it was safe for kids to work in the fields, (so the greedy Government stepped in) but yet it was alright if they were 16 and HAD a WORK PERMIT, (money, not getting taxes, gee Government greed again) then it was safe. Just because they did not pay income, they did pay sales tax, but the problem was they did not get a double tax, that is the problem today, TO MANY TAXES ON TAXES, to PAY TAXES.

They even said that farm kids could not work on the family farm because of a couple of kids got hurt on the farm, but how many adults  each year get hurt.

Well look back just like every thing else, the Government had their fingers in it, HIGH TAXES ( all their pork, and big Government ) pushing jobs out (high taxes ) people losing their homes, or businesses, ( high taxes, Government greed) you can go on an on and it all most all ways leads back to all Government agencies, one way or another.

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