Return this country back to the people

It’s time the American people stop protesting and start petitioning the Government and tell them that they are not above the law and to follow the law of the land, and all laws and not the way they want to write them, that is what the Constitution is all about. WE THE PEOPLE, and BY THE PEOPLE  FOR THE PEOPLE, and if they think they are above the law, and the Constitution, throw them out, before they totally destroy this Country.

In regards to President Obama and the house and the senate the people should start enforcing their rights, and call for impeachment proceedings for Obama, [ they waited to long to try and impeach Bush, we can’t wait for Obama to continue where Bush left off.]  and recall for the rest. This Government has no regard for America, or the people, they are more interested in helping the rich, and making the rest of America look dumb and stupid.

You have people out there that will be profiting off the backs of the American tax payer when they pass cap and trade, and health care, they are allready collecting money from the one’s who put this country in the place we are in today, and won’t listen to the American people who put them there, they can only see dollar signs, and as long as though dollar signs are there they will not listen to the American people.

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