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US trading partners complain about protectionism

It is alright for them to protect their jobs, but we can not protect our jobs.


By DESMOND BUTLER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – America’s largest trading partners are warning that protectionist moves by Congress could poison global trade relations, despite President Barack Obama’s assurances that he wants to keep U.S. markets open. Continue reading

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Return this country back to the people

It’s time the American people stop protesting and start petitioning the Government and tell them that they are not above the law and to follow the law of the land, and all laws and not the way they want to write them, that is what the Constitution is all about. WE THE PEOPLE, and BY THE PEOPLE  FOR THE PEOPLE, and if they think they are above the law, and the Constitution, throw them out, before they totally destroy this Country. Continue reading

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